For the Holidays our office will be closed the following dates:
 Saturday, December 23th through Monday, December 25th.
Friday, December 29th through Tuesday, January 2nd.
We will not be checking portal messages or answering the phone. If you need a refill on a prescription or have a question, please connect with us early in the week. As always, if you have an emergency or acute issue, please call 911 or contact your primary care practitioner.

***There is a fax issue that our system has been experiencing with incoming and outgoing faxes.***
We have not been receiving all incoming faxes and many outgoing faxes have not been successfully received.
If your pharmacy faxed us a prescription refill and it has been over 3 days without it filled please let us know.
If you have not received your test kit and it has been over 10 days since we ordered it, please let us know so we can check to see if the lab received the order.
If you feel as though this may have affected you in any way please let us know.
We are working to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvinience this may cause.

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